Rally Days

 Rally day 26/01/2020 
Thanks to our AMAZING GROUNDS we have been able to secure an additional rally day date.
Rally day will start at 8:00 am
8:00  am Gear check
8:15 am warm up session
8:30 am 1st riding session
9:30 am Riders may change gear if needed
9:40 am 2nd riding session
10:40 am Riders may change gear if needed /  drink break/ morning tea
10:50 am 3rd riding session
11:50 am unsaddle
12:00  pm gear pack up
Don’t forget to bring something yummy for morning tea.
Session will include:
Jumping prep for equitation- examples sheets
Jumping prep for grading days- the who what where and why
Beginning of Jamboree teams
Musical ride
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